24hour service

To/From:     LGA               JFK                EWR  

Jersey City (NJ) :  (S)$64/(M)$77/(L)$90;+T      (S)$64/(M)$77/(L)$90;+T       (S)$70/(M)$84/(L)$98

Uptown East :      (From E 87 St to E 125 St)

                            (S)$30/(M)$36/(L)$42;+T     (S)$48/(M)$58/(L)$68;+T     (S)$58/(M)$70/(L)$82;+T

Uptown West:      (From W 87 to W 125 St)

                            (S)$35/(M)$42/(L)$49;+T     (S)$54/(M)$65/(L)$75;+T    (S)$58/(M)$70/(L)$82;+T 

Uptown East :      (From E 72 St to E 86 St)

                             (S)$32/(M)$38/(L)$45           (S)$51/(M)$61/(L)$71       (S)$58/(M)$70/(L)$82;+T

Uptown West:      (From W 72 St to W 86 St)

                             (S)$37/(M)$45/(L)$52           (S)$56/(M)$67/(L)$79       (S)$58/(M)$70/(L)$82;+T 

Midtown East:     (From from E 51 St until E 71 St)

                              (S)$29/(M)$34/(L)$40          (S)$47/(M)$57/(L)$66       (S)$58/(M)$70/(L)$82;+T 

Midtown West:    (From from W 51 St until W 71 St)

                              (S)$34/(M)$41/(L)$48          (S)$53/(M)$63/(L)$74       (S)$58/(M)$70/(L)$82;+T

Midtown East :     (From from E 15 St until E 50 St)

                            (S)$25/(M)$30/(L)$35;+T     (S)$44/(M)$53/(L)$62;+T    (S)$51/(M)$61/(L)$71;+T 

Midtown West:     (From from W 15 St until W 50 St)

                            (S)$31/(M)$37/(L)$43;+T     (S)$50/(M)$59/(L)$69;+T    (S)$51/(M)$61/(L)$71;+T 

East Village :        (From from Houston St until E 14 St)

                            (S)$30/(M)$36/(L)$42           (S)$48/(M)$58/(L)$68        (S)$51/(M)$61/(L)$71;+T 

Greenwich Village: (From from Houston St until W 14 St)

                            (S)$35/(M)$42/(L)$49           (S)$54/(M)$65/(L)$75        (S)$51/(M)$61/(L)$71;+T 

Downtown :         (S)$32/(M)$38/(L)$45           (S)$48/(M)$58/(L)$68         (S)$51/(M)$61/(L)$71;+T

Long Island City: (S)$20/(M)$24/(L)$28           (S)$31/(M)$37/(L)$43         (S)$58/(M)$70/(L)$82;+T



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(S) fit maximum

4 people 2 checked baggage 1 carry on


(M) fit maximum

4 people 3 checked baggage


(L) fit maximum

6 people 5 checked baggage + $5



*PRICE CHANGE ALERT*   Weekday rush hour (from 6:30AM to 10AM & from 2PM to 7PM) surcharge plus 20% to 40%  

Pandemic price adjustment is not included on price chart  

(Please verify price when making reservation)

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    We accept all major credit cards

    Minimum charge is $20 plus 5% convenience charge


    Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change without prior notice and may vary from time to time.

    Cancellation: New Golden Horse requests that our customers cancel their reservations at least 2 hours in advance for Manhattan pick-ups and 3 hours in advance for pick-ups outside Manhattan. Cancellations made after the requested time-frames are subject to cancellation fees.

       *Rates do not include tolls, gratuity, waiting time, luggage fee, stops, holidays and rush hours surcharge*       (if applicable)


    For pick up at EWR, please first call us to find out ETA.

    All vehicles has

    "Golden Horse"

    logo on both side doors

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